Advance Tooling Concepts’ plastic injection molding capabilities enable us to produce a wide range of parts for electronic products. From complex yet functional internal components to customer facing cosmetic pieces such as bezels, we deliver high quality, high precision parts that will meet or exceed your expectations.

An in-house mold and tooling design and manufacturing team enables us to create parts that match your exact designs and meet the tight tolerances and geometries often required in electronic devices. Our team can work with you to optimize your new or current product designs for improved performance and better, more efficient manufacturability.

We can work with you in all phases of new product development, from R&D through full production, providing an overall product strategy to get your products to market faster. We also offer a complete tool transfer program to evaluate, integrate, and maintain your existing molds and tooling with a goal to improve production of your current products.

Advance Tooling Concepts employs state-of-the-art equipment and a highly skilled staff to provide fast, efficient production for high-volume, low-volume, or developmental injection molding projects. We offer over molding and insert molding, thin wall molding capabilities, and more. Strict quality control and part validation testing ensures that the parts you receive match your designs and meet your quality and performance requirements.

We also offer an array of secondary services to give you more complete products and time and money in the production process.

Advance Tooling Concepts is dedicated to superior quality, precision and service, competitive pricing, and fast turnarounds. Request a quote on clean room injection molding for your project, or contact Advance Tooling Concepts to learn more.