Medical Clean Room Molding

Advance Tooling Concepts utilizes a dedicated, Class 100,000 clean room to create plastic injection moldings for medical and other clean-critical applications. With state-of-the-art equipment and molding technology, as well as a highly trained staff of cleanroom specialists, we are able to provide high quality, high precision injection molded products that meet your exact requirements.

We offer medical injection molding for wide range of production volumes from developmental pre-production to high-volume critical products. Whether you need testing samples or millions of production parts, our advanced equipment and expert staff enable us to produce your components with perfect precision and repeatability. We work with a full range of FDA approved medical grade and engineering grade resins.

Our dedicated ISO 13485-certified clean room and offices are completely separate from our other facilities and produces only clean-critical products, ensuring maximum cleanliness of the manufacturing environment. However, our clean room molding service still benefits from our on-site mold and tool room to design, build, maintain and repair your tools in a timely manner to keep you in production.

In addition to our clean room environment, our full service medical injection molding capabilities include:

  • Mold flow analysis to optimize customer designs for improved manufacturing efficiency
  • Injection molding machines with 45 to 66 ton capacity
  • SPC and quality monitoring on all molding machines
  • Full validation of all processes
  • A Six Sigma Black Belt on staff

We also offer secondary services including assembly, packaging and more, to give you more complete products that better meet your unique needs. We do more of the work so you don’t have to.

Advance Tooling Concepts is dedicated to superior quality, precision and service, competitive pricing, and fast turnarounds. Request a quote on clean room injection molding for your project, or contact Advance Tooling Concepts to learn more.