Plastic Injection Molding Capabilities

Advance Tooling Concepts is one of the industry’s leading plastic injection molders. With modern, top-of-the-line injection molding equipment, an in-house mold and tool design and manufacturing shop, and a skilled, highly trained staff, we deliver custom plastic injection molded products that meet or exceed customer expectations.

Our ISO 9001:2008-registered and ITAR-certified facility houses 25 advanced injection molding machines, with capacities ranging from 45 to 360 tons. We utilize a paperless quality control system to deploy work instruction and parts drawing to ensure that the products we produce match your exact specifications.

We use scientific molding principles to promote lean manufacturing, and offer mold flow analysis to optimize product designs for better and more efficient manufacturability. 24/7 production is available to complete high volume jobs in quick turnaround times.

We also offer a number of secondary operations, including assembly and packaging to provide you with a a complete turn-key solution to reduce costs and improve time to market.

Whether you need a high-volume, low-volume or developmental injection molding partner Advance Tooling Concepts can do it all. We provide fast turnarounds, superior customer service, and top quality, precision molded products, all at competitive prices.

Request a quote today on plastic injection molding for your project, or contact us for more information.

Over Molding / Insert Molding

Advance Tooling Concepts provides complete over molding and insert molding services. We work with a full range engineering grade and common resins to create high quality, high precision over molded and insert molded products.

We offer tight tolerance insert molding, and more to create complex molded components, sub-assemblies, and finished products. Steel, brass, die-cast, glass, and other materials can serve as substrates or inserts for these processes.

With an in-house mold and tool design and manufacturing shop, and the capabilities to machine inserts on-site, we can produce custom products that match your exact design specifications. We utilize scientific injection molding principles and mold flow analysis to optimize the manufacturing process for better, more efficient production.

For high-volume, low-volume or developmental injection molding projects, we produce superior quality over molded and insert molded products, delivered with quick turnaround times and at competitive prices.

Engineering Grade Resins

Advance Tooling Concepts works with numerous specialty, engineering grade and FDA approved medical injection molding resins including:

  • Long glass thermoplastics
  • Ultem
  • Delrin
  • Acetals
  • High heat thermoplastics
  • Thermoset materials
  • Glass-filled resins
  • Carbon-filled resins
  • Teflon-filled resins
  • and many others upon customer request

We offer color matching and color blending for all our injection molding resins, as well as a number of secondary operations designed to give you a more complete product that better matches your specifications

Complex Geometry & Tight Tolerance | Advance Tooling Concepts

Advance Tooling Concepts Advance Tooling Concepts has the skills, the expertise, and state of the art equipment to excel at designing and building complex geometry tools and their tight tolerance products.

Our in-house design team can adapt your part designs to produce the geometrically complex molds your parts require. Our team has the experience to take your most challenging projects from the design stages to tool completion and into production.

By involving Advance Tooling Concepts early in your part design process, we can optimize the performance of the tooling and processing required to meet your specific requirements. We will work with you to develop a complete plan that will make creating your products faster, easier, and more cost-effective. Specialty engineering grade resins can be used to improve dimensional tolerances and durability.

Mechanical and hydraulic action, core pulls, collapsible cores, hot manifolds, valve gates, multiple slides and lifters, and other special complex tooling features can be included in your mold design, as needed. We utilize state-of-the-art, high speed 5-axis machining, advanced CAD capabilities (including SolidWorks, CoCreate, Siemens UG-NX, SpaceClaim, etc.), and our fully-equipped, in-house metrology lab to ensure that even the tightest tolerances are met.

Internal and External Threads

At Advance Tooling Concepts, we have extensive experience in creating threaded plastic parts. Whether your products require internal or external threads, we have the skills, knowledge, and the advanced equipment needed to produce threaded components.

We can deliver products with multiple thread sizes, angles of pull and luer threads. We utilize HASCO gear threads, custom luer threads for medical devices, and numerous other specialty threading features. Our knowledge of standard and engineering grade resins enables us to provide the ideal injection molding solution for even the most complex threaded design.